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Temporary staffing

Temporary staffing is a tripartite employment relationship in the framework of which the staffing agency leases its contracted employee to a client company for the purpose of work performance for a fee. In the case of temporary staffing it is the staffing agency that enters into an employment contract with the employee and performs the employer’s administrative tasks, but the actual work is performed on the client’s premises. During the temporary staffing period it is the client that manages and supervises the worker (e.g. the working hours, the working schedule, etc.) and assigns the tasks.


• there are no additional wage costs for you Company, our contract price includes all costs;

• you may account the value of the invoice we issue as operating costs, which in turn decreases the local business tax to be paid;

• we spare you from the burdens of HR administration and payrolling tasks, and assume the labour law responsibility as well;

• there is no need to maintain a large pool of permanent employees, not even if your business needs a large seasonal workforce;

• the supplied workforce will not appear in your records, i.e. you can keep your SME status even when employing a large number of workers;

• we do the recruitment (so we bear the related costs);

• we supply the necessary workforce in a fast and flexible manner (preferably within 1 or 2 days, depending on the position to be filled and the working hours);

• we ensure a stable headcount and aim to solve problems that may arise in a fast and professional manner.

Simplified employment

Simplified employment represents a flexible and cost-efficient temporary staffing solution that is able to respond to the fluctuating staffing needs of client companies. Within the framework of our services we provide our clients with casual workers.

Accounting is based on the number of hours actually worked. Clients have no additional costs.

We also recommend this employment solution to partners that typically need the flexibility of student workers, but occasionally require experienced adult workforce.

Personnel placement

Our Group offers to recruit and select professionals in line with our Clients’ requirements. We assess Applicants in the framework of personal or Skype interviews using our thorough selection methods.

Forms of personnel statement

• Personnel placement for a single fee

In this case a single fee is charged after the work contract is signed with the employee.

• Personnel placement with guarantee

In this case the fee is charged in monthly instalments for a mutually agreed period.

• Try & Hire

In this case client companies have the opportunity to lease employees for a fixed period at the end of which they can hire them as permanent staff. At the end of the lease period we charge a service fee depending on the length of the lease period. The service fee will decrease proportionally with the length of the lease period.


Our Company Group performs payroll services for hundreds of employers each month, so we keep ourselves up to date the payroll, labour law, social security and tax regulations.

Within the framework of payrolling services we offer to complete the following tasks:

• Payrolling

• Social security administration

• Preparation of payroll posting

• Data supply in accordance with the legal regulations

• Preparation of tax returns on the employees’ behalf

• Cafeteria plan management

• Payrolling for student workers

Placement of student workers

Pensum’s team has twenty years of experience in the placement of student workers.

Nearly one third of students in secondary or higher education choose this safe and legal form of employment, which fits their lives and needs the best.

The need to earn while studying can be successfully combined allowing students to obtain professional experience and to be an active member of a community.

Companies can enjoy significant savings and convenience by employing student workforce.

Savings because:

• there are no additional wage costs, our service fee includes all these costs;

• there is no need to bother with payrolling, because at the end of each month we issue a lump sum invoice, the total amount of which can be accounted as costs;

• there is no need to maintain a large pool of permanent employees, not even if your business needs a large seasonal workforce;

• due to being a school cooperative we can provide our services at favourable rates.

Convenience because:

• workforce is recruited;

• students are contracted;

• the employer’s rights are exercised;

• payment and payrolling is made by the School Cooperative.

Our Cooperative offers its clients services including but not limited to the following:

• manual semi-skilled jobs;

• machine/equipment operation;

• packaging, packing, loading/unloading;

• administrative office tasks;

• envelope stuffing;

• material preparation;

• fast food restaurant jobs;

• warehouse jobs;

• supermarket jobs (stock replenishers, cashiers);

• flyer distribution jobs (including obtaining a street use permit if required).

We hope to see you among our clients and become a reliable business partner of yours soon.


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