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The form of student employment agency has been known in Hungary since 1987 and since then several generations have experienced the advantages of it either as students or as employers.

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What are the for your company?

Student employment is favourable because of its exemption from contributions. Based on their full time status students have social security coverage so it is only the amount of personal income tax (15%) which is deducted from their gross wages. Recruiting — organizing tasks and all the administration are done by the student employment agency. You have to pay only after the actual working hours.
Distribution of flyers or working in a multinational shared service center? Any of them can be done by students.

The total cost consists of the gross (hourly) wages of the students and the service fee of the student employment agency. You have to pay only after the hours worked by the students.

More and more foreign students studying in Hungary perform student work and you can take advantage of their excellent language knowledge.

With employing student workforce your company is free from any labour law liabilities and it does not increase the statistical headcount.

You can employ the children of your employees preferentially (e.g. during the summer holiday).

With student manpower you gain fully flexible working time (no probationary period or period of notice) and students can even work different working hours per day.

All the administration is done by our agency (recruitment, selection, contracting, reporting of workers, payroll, transferring salary, statistical reports).

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