Our History 

Our History
Pensum Group has more than twenty years of experience in the field of human resources services. With a continuously growing number of workers employed and hours worked we have developed into a major and reliable player on the labour market of Hungary.
In 2007 the Company Group was bought up by a professional investor but in 2013 we again became a Hungarian owned, independent service provider through a management buyout scheme.
We have been providing manpower leasing services for 17 years and started personnel transfers to foreign labour markets in 2013. We have been offering cross-border personnel leasing to our clients since we obtained recruitment licences for Germany and Austria in 2015.
Pensum Deutschland GmbH received its local recruitment licence for Germany on 4 January 2017.
We find it important to offer our clients integrated services across the entire spectrum of human resources.
We are present in almost all of Hungary and we have many projects in Germany and Austria.
Our Service Portfolio:
• internal manpower lease
• external manpower lease
• outsourcing
• personnel placement, recruiting
• student employment (outsourcing/organising)
• retirement employment (outsourcing/organising)
• accredited training courses.
Choose us because:
• We perform 150-160,000 working hours monthly;
• The revenue of our Company Group was over 3 billion HUF in 2017;
• We carry out our activities in accordance with MSZ EN ISO 9001: 2015 quality assurance system;
• Our company has a provider’s liability insurance to cover any damage caused by its employees;
• Paying wages on time is guaranteed by substantial current-account credit facilities in addition to equity.

Social responsibility

Reducing ecological footprint

Human Resource Services are paper wasting activities. We provide continuous training for our staff involved in the administration to gain the knowledge needed to implement a paperless office vision. If it is necessary we personally help our employees to acquire the skills that enable them to contribute to it.

Investing in the future

We believe in a knowledge-based society and we are committed to giving everyone the right to knowledge. It has been a decade-long tradition within our Company Group to offer our old but usable IT tools for educational purposes to disadvantaged children.


Pensum Student Work Cooperative is formed


Pensum Ltd. is founded


Manpower lease section of Pensum is launched


Pensum Student Employment Agency and Pensum Human Resources Ltd. are established


Pensum is among the 100 fastest growing companies in Hungary


Pensum Ltd. and Pensum Human Resources Ltd. are sold in M&A transaction


Pensum Group Ltd. is founded


Pensum Group Ltd. acquires the Hungarian and German licenses for manpower leasing


Receiving the Austrian licence for manpower leasing


Pensum Deutschland GmbH. also acquires manpower leasing licence for Germany


Pensum Group Ltd. acquires personnel placement licence for all EEA states


Pensum Group Ltd. becomes a private limited company under the name of Pensum Group Zrt.